Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Intro to Touching the Void Reflection

After reading “Touching the Void” by Joe Simpson, we had to pick quotes from the text that we found interesting, or that we wanted to talk about in a seminar. Once we found three quotes, we then had to reflect on what we thought the quote means or what the relevance is. Unlike the summary writing, my seminar reflection allowed me to write how I felt about a certain quote and ask open-ended questions to myself instead of having a structured paragraph summing up the main points. I thought my reflection showed how I put a lot of thought into my writing, while keeping the book in mind. You can see this in my first quote reflection when I wasn’t sure what the quote really meant, but instead I wrote my interpretation of it: “I would have assumed his reaction would be a bit more angry/hurt/confused, but he states that he was shocked for a moment and then brushes it off like he should have known it all along. Maybe this is where a climber’s mindset comes it.” I found this assignment interesting because I was allowed to give my opinions on Touching the Void, like in a seminar, but through writing.

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