Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Intro to Inventory of Being

Our first writing assignment in English 98 was the Inventory of Being piece. Similar to an icebreaker in a new class, we were asked to list our hobbies, favorite books, people, and food. We listed our likes and dislikes, and what made us who we are today. This assignment was to be written in poem form. This was my favorite assignment so far in college, it allowed me to really dig deep and find what made me who I am, and I also learned more about myself through this piece then I had originally realized. My favorite part in this piece is “I sing as loud as possible when I’m in my car, And I pretend I’m good at it,” as well as, “I’m addicted to dark chocolate, diet coke, and Myspace surveys and I hate steak and speed-bumps,” because it is completely true and is unique to my personality.

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