Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Intro to I Feel Gay Today

Our second Major Writing Assignment (MWA#2) was a definition essay, which demonstrated how well we could describe and define a word that may have many meanings or interpretations. This was done through theories, actual definitions, and our own understanding of the word. My approach for this paper was to pick a controversial word because I felt that it would make my paper more interesting, and also because I would have a few interpretations to write about. I chose the word gay because, although I have no opposition to a homosexual lifestyle, I have picked up on the slang version in my own vocabulary to describe something of dislike. By writing this paper, I found it very interesting that a word over time can have so many meanings. I feel this paper is strong because I used various ways to define the word; even going as far back as the 1930’s; “ In the early 30’s, French terminology Gai was merely a state of being meaning happy or carefree.”

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